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"Mut und Gnade“, Labortheater in Kooperation mit HfBK Dresden, 2018,
Fotos: Henning Merker

An icon of expressive dance Mary Wigman wrote: "it was beautiful to have to start over and over again, but also to be able to start anew" (The Language of Dance, 1963). The dance piece Courage and Grace reflects this statement from the perspective of inviting the dancers to find the courage to let go of past experiences in order to be able to start anew. In doing so, one can allow for uncertainty and instability have the space to experience the grace of being in reciprocal encounters with others. In courage, our impulses are strong and impactful. In grace, we are sustained and held.
Through the interaction of the individual in the community, embodied resonance is brought into the group and made visible and palpable in the shared holding and being held of the performers and musicians.
A common thread in the piece is the attention we pay to the paths we take through the space.  They are both metaphor for our remembering and potential for our own future. The performers engage with the image that each step is accompanied by a change of self.


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